Bitcoin 4,266.14
$57,452.00 7.42557%
Ethereum 219.08
$3,427.85 6.39129%
XRP 0.26
$1.57 16.71361%
EOS 2.46
$8.35 29.40167%
Cardano 0.19
$1.42 13.23308%
Monero 28.34
$409.43 6.9226%
NEO 15.20
$108.52 14.00394%
TRON 0.02
$0.14 14.10172%
First blockchain trading porn card game that allows players to purchase, collect, upgrade and sell various types of cards. Etherchicks project combine most popular game concepts of CCGs as MTG, Hearthstone and others with Adult content. Both of these worlds have strong comunity behind. Currently is accessible etherchicks - store, that provide communication between our smart contract and user interface through web3.js. It is space for getting non-fungible Etherchicks tokens (cards). In the near future, we plan to launch a tournament mode and a P2P arena mode that will allow players to use cards in a real game and get some ether.
Token sale completed on 15 June
Ratings: 5/10
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Information: 01 June — 15 June
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